Apple contractor Foxconn is setting up new bonuses to retain workers in China

Apple contractor Foxconn is setting up new bonuses to retain workers in China

Published on: 29/12/2022 – 01:33 Almost 700 euros: this is the new bonus offered by Foxconn to workers at the largest iPhone factory in China. The offer applies to employees who agree to work until March, as the easing of sanitary measures worsens the labor shortage in the supply chain. With our correspondent in Beijing, … Read more

what do we know about this new virus detected in China?

Chinese epidemiologists are closely monitoring the appearance of people infected with a new virus, Langya virus, in the east of the country. In a correspondence to New England Journal Of Medicinescientists from Beijing Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology, in China, share a news that recalls the beginning of theepidemic of Covid-19. In the provinces of … Read more

A new virus, Langya, identified in China, dozens of cases

Several dozen people in China have contracted a new virus, called Langya, of animal origin, according to scientists who rule out at this stage the risk of human-to-human transmission. The Langya henipavirus (LayV) virus causes symptoms in humans such as fever, fatigue, cough, nausea and headache. Read alsoMonkey pox: our answers on the origin of … Read more

Beijing bans Tesla cars in Chinese leaders’ favorite resort

¬©MARK RALSTON / AFP Unwanted presence Tesla cars will be banned from entering the Beidaihe area for at least two months from July 1, where an annual meeting of Chinese Communist Party leaders is held, a local traffic police official told Reuters on Monday. . The decision by Beidaihe authorities comes weeks after Tesla cars … Read more

Emotion in China, following an outbreak of gender-based violence in a restaurant

Published on : 06/11/2022 – 18:43 The unbearable images revolted social networks. Nine people were arrested in northern China following an attack of rare brutality that targeted three women who were dining at the restaurant on Friday June 10. A veritable outburst of violence. With our correspondent in Beijing, Stephane Lagarde A hand on her … Read more

The Taiwan edition of the pro-democracy daily “Apple Daily”, closed in Hong Kong, finds a buyer

Published on : 06/08/2022 – 14:48 The Taiwan edition of the Hong Kong pro-democracy daily Apple Dailywhich has been closed for a year, has found a buyer and will keep most of its staff, the company announced on Wednesday June 8, pledging to continue to ” to speak out against all injustice “. The daily … Read more

Elon Musk and China, dangerous links for American security?

Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter has agitated American national security experts, observes the Washington Post. In question: the links between the Tesla group, which belongs to the multimillionaire, and China. According to them, this operation would risk turning Twitter into a megaphone for Beijing’s anti-American propaganda. When Elon Musk assured, in mid-April, that he … Read more

another 100,000 Teslas recalled in China

The Chinese regulator explained this time that it was a reloading problem. The American electric car giant Tesla must recall more than 100,000 vehicles for the third time since April, this time due to a charging problem, the Chinese regulator announced on Monday. Read alsoRenault: the Alpine factory in Dieppe reinvigorated by electric The electrical … Read more

Between Covid-19 and difficult supply: Apple’s subcontractors on the front line

If Apple has been able to escape supply chain disruptions for a long time, the manufacturer attacked the hard last fall by accumulating the shortfall: over the last two quarters of 2021, it amounts to more than 12 billion dollars . And Apple has warned that in the second quarter of this year, this shortfall … Read more