Accessibility: AirPlay for Apple Watch, door detection, automatic subtitles

Apple has released a fresh batch of accessibility-related features that will arrive over the next few months across all of its products. The company is not waiting for announcements from WWDC, which will take place in less than a month, which seems to be becoming an annual tradition since it had already done so in … Read more

Apple’s arguments against unions in its stores

Apple does not appreciate the current movement of unionization in its American stores. The builder would have even appealed to a law firm specializing in the fight against unions. The website Motherboard got its hands on an internal memo detailing the arguments to be used by store managers. Apple would take a dim view of … Read more

Between Covid-19 and difficult supply: Apple’s subcontractors on the front line

If Apple has been able to escape supply chain disruptions for a long time, the manufacturer attacked the hard last fall by accumulating the shortfall: over the last two quarters of 2021, it amounts to more than 12 billion dollars . And Apple has warned that in the second quarter of this year, this shortfall … Read more

Apple teams in China have taken on more responsibility with the Covid

The health crisis for two years has led Apple to entrust more responsibilities to its employees in China rather than sending battalions of engineers from the United States to the site. wall street journal. The restrictions put in place in China for the movement of foreign travelers since the outbreak of the pandemic and the … Read more

Telecommuting: the director of machine learning at Apple would have resigned

Ian Goodfellow, the director of machine learning in the Special Projects group has reportedly tendered his resignation from Apple. In question, a lack of flexibility in the possibilities of remote work. The interested party did not comment and his Linkedin was not modified, but Zoë Schiffer from The Vergewhich closely follows the news of Apple … Read more

With the AirPods Pro, Apple would have tested a more collaborative working method

The development of the first AirPods was not done without strong tensions among its teams says Chris Deaver in Fast Companya human resources specialist who worked for Apple after Disney and now at VMware. Difficulties born in large part from this extreme culture of secrecy that can prevail at Apple, depriving teams of communication that … Read more

Project Titan: Apple hires one of Ford’s top security specialists

How do we know that Apple is still developing a car? To his employment with automobile manufacturers. After Stuart Bowers and Jonathan Sive, two former employees of Tesla, and Ulrich Kranz of BMW, Apple has offered the talent of Desi Ujkashevic, who worked for more than thirty years at Ford. Desi Ujkashevic’s profile is still … Read more