“Tick Different”: Apple loses a new lawsuit against Swatch

Apple loses a new lawsuit against Swatch. The General Court of the European Union has just published its judgment, in which it rejects Apple’s action in the “Tick Different” slogan case. Remember: in 2017, Apple filed a complaint against the watchmaker Swatch for its use of the slogan “Tick Different”. Unsurprisingly, Apple’s lawyers found the … Read more

Self-service repair: iFixit dissects the machine tools sold by Apple

Apple didn’t do things halfway with its self-service repair service. In addition to spare parts, the manufacturer also provides tools, some very small like screwdrivers, others much more cumbersome. iFixitwhich fought for the right to repair when Apple fiercely opposed it, bought the three main machine tools… to disassemble them, of course. The press to … Read more

Apple Arcade’s creative director will take care of Disney’s metaverse

Apple Arcade’s creative director is flying to Disney. Mark Bozon announced the news on Twitter and leaves Cupertino after 12 years of good and loyal service. According to information from varietyDisney hired him to join the division “ Next Generation Storytelling », In other words, the metaverse of the group. Here it goes: After 12 … Read more

Apple moves on US Apple Store work schedules

The employees of the American Apple Stores will see their working conditions somewhat improved, at a time when efforts to create union representations within the stores are budding. According to the confidences collected by BloombergApple has started to inform the teams of certain stores about a new organization of timetables. Deirdre O’Brien (HRD and Head … Read more

Discovering Radar, Apple’s underwater tool for tracking all bugs

Radar is a well-known tool for developers in the Apple universe, even though it is an internal service reserved for company employees. Born in the late 1980s, this tool intended to record all bugs and track them until they are corrected no longer has a very good reputation. It is nevertheless essential to the proper … Read more

Apple Store: vote to form a union in Atlanta is abandoned

There will be no election to form a union among employees of an Apple Store in Atlanta, the organizers of this movement have withdrawn their demand, citing maneuvers of intimidation on the part of their management as well that a resurgence of Covid-19 infections. Since last month, this store in Cumberland, Georgia has been one … Read more

Apple will increase its hourly wages in the United States

Apple announced this Wednesday to its American employees, particularly in its retail (Apple Store) and AppleCare teams, an upcoming increase in their hourly wages. This increase is part of a context of general inflation, but also of companies’ desire to keep their employees tempted to leave. Starting in July, that income will increase to $22 … Read more