Swiss relies on the Google cloud to optimize its flights!

Swiss relies on the Google cloud.

The Swiss airline said at the end of the week that it was using Google Cloud technologies and artificial intelligence to continue to improve its air traffic. Obviously, the two partners did not miss the opportunity to try to place terms like “sustainable” or “CO2 reduction”. What to think? Little reminder.

According to the communication from Swiss, the objective of this partnership is to network all relevant information from the various operational sectors in order to make air traffic more stable, more efficient and more sustainable. This collaboration should also help to reduce the impact of irregularities on Swisss passengers.

Better planning

By using Google Cloud (the dedicated page), Swiss wants to plan and pilot the daily flight operations of the company. This new solution will help teams consistently make the best decisions about complex and highly dynamic airline operations, whether it’s cargo or passenger handling.

The platform brings together data from different units and processes of the company. Swiss cites passenger routes, aircraft assignments, crew composition and aircraft maintenance. With information, the system can develop the best scenarios for more efficient operation.

CO₂ reduction

“Google Cloud enables us to further reduce our CO₂ emissions through better utilization of our aircraft. Alongside our investments in other new technologies such as sustainable fuel, we want to promote innovation in Switzerland,” according to Dieter Vranckx, CEO of Swiss.

Obviously, if this initiative is technologically interesting and to be welcomed, it must not forget that the best way to fight against global warming is to drastically limit the use of fossil fuels both in industry and for move and warm up. As an indication, this EMPA infographic shows the extent of the problem…


Before taking the plane or your vehicle, also take a detour to!

What represents 1.5 tons per capita. Chart: Empa.

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