Suaudeau hits Kita, Stade Rennais… and PSG!

Zapping Goal! soccer club FC Nantes: the results of coaches under the Waldemar Kita era

His relations with Waldemar Kita:

“I don’t see him leaving the club at all, so really not! Has he changed? I don’t know him well enough to say that! He invites me to matches, it stops there. Before I even knew him, he was a gentleman who took the liberty of declaring in the newspapers that former players are good, that they have well deserved a long vacation, so let’s leave them alone. Well that’s perfect. I don’t get told twice. That’s it that’s all. »

Stade Rennais is not his reference:

“Apart from Nantes, I always watch Barça. In misery, already last year, I watched, to see how they were going to be able to get out of it, because that too is interesting. They are very lucky to be where they are, really. They are beaten in duels and in speed. Against Frankfurt (in the quarter-finals of the Europa League 1-1, 2-3), they were overwhelmed. In France, who do I like to watch? It depends. Reindeer? Yeah, but no! They repeat too much. There is not enough variety. »

PSG is too unbalanced:

“They are far away. They are far from… The collective, I still want it. There is one that I adored, it was (Thiago) Motta. He walked and gave the ball, but he made everyone play. Today, they are far from that. They have lost in technical quality, they are sometimes eaten physically, they are often out of balance. »

to summarize

Long questioned in the columns of The Team of the day, Jean-Claude Suaudeau spoke of his links with FC Nantes. But not only since he spoke of PSG, Stade Rennais and Waldemar Kita. Selected pieces :

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