Stroke, hypertension … Regular naps would not be so beneficial, according to a study

How to explain it? For clinical psychologist Michael Grandner, who was not involved in the study, these results show that napping is often a sign of sleep problems. “Although taking a nap in itself is not harmful, many people who take naps may do so because of poor sleep at night. Poor nighttime sleep is associated with poor health, and naps aren’t enough to compensate for that.”he explained to CNN.

These observations are all the more confirmed since most of the participants in the study who declared that they took regular naps also smoked cigarettes, drank daily, snored, suffered from insomnia and declared that they were more of a night person. Many of these factors impact the quality and quantity of a person’s sleep, according to physician Raj Dasgupta, associate professor of clinical medicine at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California.


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