Streptococcus A infections: high figures of 9 deaths in France, including 3 very young children

The number is rising in France: Nine people have died due to infections with the streptococcal A bacteria per 20 December 2022.

The first warnings concerned the UK, where 15 children under the age of 15 died from a strep A infection per year. December 9, 2022. While the death toll has doubled in a week, increased surveillance has been introduced in France.

In its report dated Thursday, December 22, Public Health France lists 59 cases in France admitted to an intensive care unit, of which six died. The victims are mainly boys between the ages of 1 and 4. Three other deaths are added to this already high number, they were children aged 8 months, 2 years and 3 years who died suddenly before being admitted to hospital.

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Public Health France reports that “two-thirds of the reported cases are associated with respiratory infections (pneumonia or pleuropneumatic) associated or not with toxic shock syndrome”.

Superinfections in most cases

“The resurgence of spectococcus A infections may be at least partly due to a rebound after barrier measures in children whose immune systems have not been in contact with the strains that normally circulate. These infections are also often superinfections of viral respiratory infections, which are also on the rise”, laments Public Health France.

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Infections are transmitted by respiratory droplets or direct contact, for example through nasal secretions or skin lesions. To protect against this, it is strongly recommended that children and their loved ones wash their hands, sneeze or cough into the bend of the elbow, or wear a mask in the presence of people with respiratory infections.

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