Stations-e, the sustainable mobility operator is strengthening its presence in Pas-de-Calais!

Stations-e, is a company already present in France founded by Alain Rolland in 2018 and leaders from large groups as well as startups. It deploys multi-service, connected charging stations in the heart of cities and businesses, taking charge of the supply, deployment, operation and maintenance of these stations.

What is the mission of Stations-e?

The company wants to develop the local economy through its stations and develop the use of clean vehicles.

The operator of multi-service stations therefore announces the strengthening of its network of station installations in the Hauts de France region.

A special presence in Hauts-de-France

To meet the needs of the Region in the coming years, Stations-e aims to invest in
a network of 1,000 stations by 2025, with a program of 100 stations starting this year. The
Communities are also invited to quickly express their interest.

With a key promise, a private investment independent of the budgets and expenses of communities or private companies. The Stations-e economic model will also generate jobs, one station installed is equivalent to a permanent job, thanks to several pillars of growth including electric transport, information and telecommunications technologies and local services.

On a national scale, Stations-e is aiming for an effective deployment of 550 sites this year (and more than 1,000
negotiated). This is a first notable acceleration of its investments, the stated objective being to
create a network of 10,000 sites by 2027.

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