Stage Manager: Apple has revised its website, the iPad Air 4 deprived of the swap as well as the iPad Air 5 of 64 GB

The Virtual Memory Swap feature converts iPad storage to RAM. It allows iPad applications to use up to 16 GB of RAM, a prerequisite for Stage Manager, the new window manager of iPadOS 16.

There was some confusion or a blunder at Apple, which earlier this week announced that this feature swap was available for iPads with an M1 chip, but also for the 4th generation iPad Air — a tablet with an A14 chip — with 256 GB of storage. However, this model of iPad Air is not compatible with Stage Manager.

On Monday evening, note 19 regarding the Virtual Memory Swap function referred to the following explanation:

On the Apple site on June 6.

According WaybackMachine, Apple revised this Note 19 on June 10, correcting the reference to the iPad Air. Now, swapping is only possible on iPad Air 5th Gen with 256GB of storage.

Currently on Apple’s site.

Exit the 4th generation iPad Air, officially deprived of the swap… but also the 64 GB version of the 5th generation iPad Air! This does not prevent it from making Stage Manager work, as Chance Miller of 9to5Mac and iPadOS 16’s own What’s New page.

Is the Virtual Memory Swap as essential as Apple has announced to justify the fact that Stage Manager can only work with an M1 chip? Did Apple ever consider that the iPad Air 4 could be compatible with Stage Manager? Still, the manufacturer has since clarified that the window manager requires a set of components rather than just the swap function.

Apple explains (again) why Stage Manager is reserved for iPad M1

Apple explains (again) why Stage Manager is reserved for iPad M1


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