Spinach sautéed raw from Jean-François Piège

Jean-François Piège shares with you every Saturday on Point its cooking secrets by putting a seasonal product on the front of the plate. Today, the 2-star chef of the Grand Restaurant in Paris reveals his knack for making sautéed spinach with hazelnut butter. A technique for cooking raw vegetables to be found in Zero meat, zero fishhis latest book published on 1er june at Hatchet. Spinach, washed and drained, semi-salted butter, a clove of garlic, salt, ground pepper, and you’re done. All you have to do is bring all these little people together in a sauté pan to tackle the cooking. You will see, it’s simple, fast and unmissable. Now it’s up to you to do it again. Treat yourself !

The recipe: the starssautéed spinach by Jean-Francois Piège

At the market
500 g spinach, 1 clove garlic, 50 g semi-salted butter, salt, ground pepper

In the kitchen
Tail spinach. wash them and wring them out.
Heat a jumper. Add to it the semi-salted butter previously cut into large cubes. Prick a clove of garlic with a fork and roll it in the butter to prevent it from burning. When the butter is well browned, remove the clove of garlic and reserve it.
Place all the spinach in the sauté pan. Salt them lightly. Mix them well. They will quickly reduce in quantity. When they are perfectly cooked, add a good turn of ground pepper.

Place your starsspinach in a serving dish. Top them with the garlic clove. Pour all of the cooking juices over the spinach.

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