SOTU Keynote: Apple Gives Developers Summer Homework

When there’s more, there’s more ! After the keynote opening day, WWDC gets to the heart of the matter with a second keynote, the Platforms State of the Union (SOTU). The general public follows the first, orchestrated by Tim Cook, which reveals the systems and applications that will be available this fall. The developers follow the second, led by Susan Prescott, which presents the resources they will have to use this summer to be ready for the fall. A defining moment to ensure the adoption of the technologies that will make the success of macOS Ventura and iOS 16.

Apple picture.

Xcode Cloud finally available

With the slicing, which cuts applications to create variants adapted to the specifications of different platforms, Apple had deprived the developers of the last word on the compilation. Developers no longer send a compiled binary, but bytecode, an intermediate code that can be recompiled on the fly on Apple’s servers. From the programming language to the distribution channels, including the development environment, Apple controls the entire application production chain.


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