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New EU law on crypto markets focuses a lot on major technology platforms. It determines in particular that the latter may not prevent professional users from offering their products and services at different prices and conditions on their own points of sale as well as on third-party platforms “. It appears that Apple is changing how it works to comply with this law.

Soon the end of Apple’s restrictions on crypto applications?

Earlier this month, Coinbase decided to remove the NFT transfer feature from its iOS Wallet app. The crypto exchange had declared : ” You may have noticed that you can no longer send NFTs to the Coinbase iOS wallet. This is because Apple has blocked our latest version of the app until we disable this feature “. It is true that the American company Apple has recently introduced several restrictions that have been highly controversial by developers and users of cryptocurrencies.

However, the famous journalist Mark Gurman did a revelation that could be a game changer for using crypto apps on Apple. In fact, on December 13th, he said on Twitter: “ Apple is preparing to allow alternative app stores and sideloading on iOS, along with a number of other changes to make the iPhone more open in response to new EU requirements coming in 2024 “.

The publication

The benefits that the future measure may have

If Apple allows iOS apps to be installed from external sources, crypto developers will have an easier time building apps around NFTs. They can also offer more options for crypto payments for iPhone and iPad users.

With this measure, the American company would guarantee interoperability, a quality sought by Web3 developers. Note that metaverse developers could take advantage of the situation, as Apple is reportedly developing a mixed reality headset that it could launch in 2023.

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Gamescommented on the announcement by journalist Mark Gurman on Twitter. He stated: ” According to Mark Gurman, who writes for Bloomberg, Apple is preparing to open up iOS to competing app stores, but only in Europe. That would leave American developers in thrall to the nation where Apple was founded. Congress must pass the Open Apps Market Act “.

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