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For those who wake up and who have not yet opened the Internet and especially made a search this morning on the favorite search engine, the logo dedicated to the end of the year celebration of the Mountain View Firm has been replaced again this Monday with an animated Doodle with the title “Tribute to Mária Telkes”. Today’s Doodle pays tribute to Dr. The life and innovative work of Mária Telkes, one of the first pioneers of solar energy. A Doodle which is unfortunately not available on the French version of Google. To finish the little tour of BeMac this Monday, the 331st “Before the coffee machine” on this twelfth day of December, 12th box of the advent calendar for this new day of December which begins, we celebrate Saint Joan -Francoise de Chantal.

If you go to the home page of your favorite search engine (unless it’s Google), and assuming it’s not the French version, you’ve probably noticed that the usual year-end logo that we’ve been used to seeing for a few days is back has been replaced by an animated Doodle titled “Tribute to Mária Telkes”. Today’s Doodle pays tribute to Dr. The life and innovative work of Mária Telkes, one of the first pioneers in solar energy, the one who believed before others that the sun could change people’s lives.


Mária Telkes was a Hungarian engineer and scientist who worked in the fields of solar energy and thermodynamics. She is known for her significant contributions to research into the use of solar energy for power generation and temperature control in buildings. She has also worked on the development of clean energy technologies and has received numerous awards and honors for her work.

She is the inventor of several devices that use solar energy, such as the thermosolar, the thermobus, and the thermosiphon. In 1950 she was awarded the William Procter Prize for her contributions to science. She continued her research in solar energy at the New York University College of Engineering. There, she received a grant from the Ford Foundation to create a solar-powered oven. The intention was to create something that could reach 350°F (180°C in Celsius equivalent) and be usable by those who do not have the traditional needs of an oven available to them. A very efficient solar cooker that is safe enough for children to cook with.

As Wikipedia explains, “Mária Telkes was a Hungarian-American scientist and inventor who worked on solar energy technologies. One of his specialties was the study of phase change materials, for example molten salts to store thermal energy. She was a prolific inventor of thermal devices, including a miniature desalination unit for use on life rafts, which uses solar energy and condensation to collect drinking water according to the principle of the solar thermal system. It is considered one of the pioneers of thermal solar energy storage systems”. Moreover, she is nicknamed the Queen of the Sun!

All you have to do is go to Google, but not to the French version, to find out a little more about this pioneer, considered by many to be the queen of the sun and solar energy.

(Illustration: Capture Doodle Tribute to Mária Telkes on Google)


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