Sleeve. Faced with the labor shortage before the summer, this restaurant is recruiting… seniors

Faced with the lack of staff, the restaurant team says they are tired even before the summer period begins. (©Jean-Paul BARBIER/La Manche Press)

To hire people who have, for the most part, already work much of their life. A bet that Vincent Gontier wishes to take, owner of restaurant L’Armoire à Délicesfacing Port Chantereyne to Cherbourg (Sleeve).

The restorationa profession that has come under pressure since the era covid. The professionals have deserted the sector since the period of confinement, often to retrain. In the Cotentinpool of full employmentthe latter turned to “the big business, ERP where the wind turbineswhere they can win a lot of money “, laments Vincent, at the helm of his restaurant for 17 years.

“I’ve never had so much difficulty finding staff, even with a permanent contract. »

Vincent Gontier

The galley for restaurants

In the Cotentin, ads on social networks to find staff invade the news feed of Internet users. On the Auderville side, O P’tit Crabe de Goury wishes to seduce its future employees by emphasizing the idyllic setting, “the most beautiful place in the world”, at the tip of La Hague, near the Goury lighthouse. Same story on the side of Siouville-Hague, at the restaurant Le Baligan. This time, the restaurateur is trying to find accommodation in the town for a cook who has responded to his offer for the start of the summer season. Of course, this list is not exhaustive.

No break at noon

announcements on Facebook, Employment center, Indeed… He tried everything, in vain, with the help of her daughter Charlotte, head of digital communication. The fatigue, he and his team feel it. Eight people in the kitchen, five in the dining room. Many members of his team have left since the end of the confinement.

“We are missing three people to be well. Two students are arriving at the end of May, but that will not be enough because we will have more places to eat. »

A few people have already come forward, but the requirements of certain job seekers do not correspond with the expectations of the restorer. “A professional asked me to do 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., five days a week. Either a contract 8 p.m.,” he reports, disillusioned.

“We have reviewed our organization to remove the lunch break, with two consecutive days off, Sunday and Monday. Apparently that’s not enough. »

By dint of returning to the problem, in particular at the approach of the summer season, an idea came to his mind. Why not turn to seniorspeople in the trade or not, “as long as they want to work and make Additional salary “, he announces, smiling. His priority? Recruit servers.

An intergenerational side

For potential interested parties, Vincent Gontier wishes to reassure by planning a layout of work time, ” case by case “. An opportunity also, according to his daughter Charlotte, to get some people out of the solitude“so that they can reconnect”, since, still according to her, “all pre-Covid activities have not resumed”.

The Cabinet à Délices also advocates the side intergenerational the hiring of a senior, with an existing team made up mostly of youth.

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“Customers will appreciate having service from a mix of generations. »

Charlotte Gontier

View of the port, during the summer season… All you have to do is push the door of the Cherbourg institution to find additional retirement and create social ties.

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