Skiing with an iPhone 14 or an Apple Watch can trigger false alarms for emergency services

Malicious calls or false alarms are the bane of all platforms that receive emergency calls, and the situation is unlikely to improve with the new iPhone 14. According to local American media The Colorado Sun, cited by the website, the latest products from the apple brand are the source of many false alerts sent to the emergency services that oversee ski resorts in the state of Colorado.

Announced in September on the latest Apple smartphones, the new feature dynamically displays a message leading to an automatic call for help if the user is unresponsive in the event of an accident. A good idea on paper, as it can help save lives in the event of a car accident, violent impact or fall, but which has been particularly talked about for its many failures in recent weeks.

Apple’s latest tends to mistake a traffic accident for a rapid descent on skis. According to the Colorado Sun, it is especially the skiers’ sudden stops that disrupt the functionality’s proper functioning. Too busy rushing down the slopes, skiers don’t realize their iPhone or Apple Watch has called for help.

According to the local daily, emergency services received 71 robocalls from a high-end Apple device. On average, they received between 15 and 20 iPhone calls per day. This situation causes (…)

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