Should Teslas be banned like in China?

Wed 06/22/2022 — You will have to ask the question.

You walk quietly in the street, in a residential area where there is no one, but you are filmed. Because without realizing it, you walked within 2 meters of a Tesla in sentry mode. It’s hard to be against video surveillance. In Nice or Cannes, it brings a lot to the safety of local residents. But those who have access to the images are professionals, who obey strict rules. This is how we saw that the images of the violence at the Stade de France 3 weeks ago were destroyed. It is not the same with the images taken by the car of a private individual. An average motorist can choose to record these videos, and keep them indefinitely, with total disregard for people’s privacy. There is even a Youtube channel of videos recorded by Teslas (from which the illustration above is taken).

It is not possible to do this in France, where the civil code, from its article 9, says that “everyone has the right to respect for their private life”. But the fact remains that cars are equipped with multiple cameras, and it is difficult to control what they record, let alone what happens to the images. So to take no risk, in China, the government, not famous for doing half measures, has decided to ban the circulation of Tesla cars in a seaside resort popular with the leaders of the Communist Party. And it’s a Chinese-style ban, unlike the French EPZs where there are very few controls.

It is very unlikely that such a ban will ever happen in France, but the fact remains that tens of thousands of Teslas drive every day in France, and they all have several cameras.

Laurent J. Masson

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