Should Apple fear Xiaomi’s arrival in the ultra-powerful mini PC market?

News JVTech Should Apple fear Xiaomi’s arrival in the ultra-powerful mini PC market?

Xiaomi officially launches on the mini PC market with a little beast that reminds us of Apple’s Mac mini. If he is able to collect the American company’s protege, we take stock in this article.

Who said Xiaomi couldn’t make a PC?

Xiaomi is not a newcomer to computers (excluding laptops), although we rather know them for their phone (in Europe). But today it seems to be so the Chinese company definitely wants to get into desktop PCs and more specifically mini PCs with the launch of the Xiaomi Mini PC (or Computer Mini, as the name seems to be literally translated from Chinese).

The device was announced alongside the Xiaomi 13, Xiaomi Watch S2 and other products seen at this weekend’s eventwhich means that at least for now and for now we should not see it land in our western countries.

A mini PC even smaller than Apple’s Mac mini

At first glance, What strikes the most about this device is its size and weight. Xiaomi’s model is only 38 millimeters thick, made of aluminum and weighs 437 grams. To give you an idea, it is more compact than the Mac Minin (although two millimeters thicker) and noticeably lighter, as Apple’s model weighs 1.2 kilos.

Image credit: Apple

In short, at first glance one can only admit the elegance of the unit. On the connection side, the latter has two USB ports, a jack connector, they are connected by the power button on the front panel, while the rest of the ports (two USB-C, one Thunderbolt 4 and two HDMI 2.1) are located at the back. The ventilation grills are also located at the back, as well as on the sides.

Within that, Xiaomi has chosen to equip it with Intel technology with an Intel Core i5-1240P processor (12th generation), as well as an Iris XE graphics card. On the storage side, the mini PC from the Chinese company has 16 GB of RAM and a 512 GB SSD. Some additional information, the TDP (thermal envelope) of this device would be 40W according to Xiaomi.

Image credit: Xiaomi

Should Apple fear Xiaomi's arrival in the ultra-powerful mini PC market?

So you will understand, this computer is not predisposed for video games, but it will be more than enough for classic productivity tasks and remote work. With Windows 11 and its Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, we also quickly understand the primary use of this device. Finally, and as we explained above, Xiaomi’s Mini PC has been announced for China and will (probably) stay there for now. It will be sold in one and the same version at a price of 3699 yuan, or 503 euros at the current exchange rate.

Thumbnail Image Credit: Xiaomi

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