Shortage of sunflower oil: some tips for replacing it in your recipes

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Out of stock in most French supermarkets, sunflower oil has been missing from cooks for several weeks. Here are some alternative products to use in your recipes, all tastefully or financially attractive.

Everyone has to adapt. A direct consequence of the war in Ukraine, the world’s leading exporter of sunflower oil, the shortage of this commodity inevitably worries cooks. Beneficial for health unlike palm oil, sunflower oil is one of the oils most consumed by the French. Difficult to do without? Rest assured, butter such as olive, rapeseed, walnut, or sesame oils offer excellent alternatives for your recipes. In frying, in the pan or in the oven, discover these little tricks to do without it.

For frying

Its taste neutrality and its great resistance to heat make sunflower oil an ideal oil for frying. However, cooking meat, vegetables or fish can also be done with olive oil, which has a relatively stable fatty substance when cooked. Rapeseed oil and unsalted or semi-salted butter can also be used for gentle cooking, as they do not tolerate heat well. The latter will bring a smoothness to your dish.

Due to inflation, the price of some products may have increased. However, this is not the case with olive oil, which is still present on supermarket shelves.

For frying

Unlike the frying pan, cooking with olive or rapeseed oil is strongly discouraged for frying and it is preferable to use oils that can withstand high temperatures. This is the case of coconut oil, packaged in jars. Solid and economical, it does not degrade even after several uses but has the disadvantage of leaving a little coconut aftertaste in your food.

You can always choose to put duck fat or lard in your fryer, or peanut or avocado oil, a very high-fat fruit.

For baking

To make your favorite dishes and cakes, butter remains an ideal material to replace sunflower oil and perfectly suitable for baking.

Melted or arranged in hazelnuts, it can also be used to create sauces and to enrich a juice for a roast.

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For a marinade or seasoning

In these two very specific cases, many oils can do the trick. This is particularly the case with walnut oil, which can only be used cold, but also with hazelnut oil, which will add a little flavor to your vinaigrettes. Much more expensive than olive oil, sold between 5 and 10 euros per liter, the price of walnut oil varies between 8 and 15 euros against 10 to 20 euros for hazelnut oil.

Sesame oil, with its sweet notes, can also replace sunflower oil in dishes with Asian flavors such as woks or pad Thai. Its price is close to 10 euros per litre.

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