Serious accident in Paris: “No technical failure”, assures Tesla

The terrible road accident that occurred Saturday evening in Paris XIII would be of… human origin. In any case, this Monday, the car manufacturer Tesla assured us “that no technical failure” had been noted on the car which hit a cyclist and another vehicle at the corner of rue de Tolbiac and the Avenue de Choisy. Collisions with a very heavy toll: seven people in absolute emergency, including three with life-threatening conditions, and 13 others in relative emergency.

The Tesla Model 3, the best-selling electric car in France since the beginning of the year, driven by a taxi driver, also hit a red light and a container, scattering broken glass on passers-by.

VIDEO. Paris: a Tesla driver loses control of his taxi, 15 injured

The track of a technical failure had been advanced. According to the first statements, a clutch problem had been mentioned. Except there’s no clutch on the Tesla. The mayor (DVG) Jérôme Coumet, who had visited the site, had heard of the accelerator “stuck”. Hence the speed “over 100 km/h”. But these were only the “first” elements collected, he relativized.

The data was computer analyzed

Without having been able to examine the blacklisted vehicle, the manufacturer was nevertheless able to carry out an “initial analysis of the data” making it possible to affirm that the Tesla driven by the taxi driver had no problem. And to specify that it is “available to authorized third parties to provide them with additional data. »

Difficult this Monday to have an updated assessment of the wounded. The judicial accident processing service was seized by the Paris public prosecutor’s office to carry out all the investigations.

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