Self-service repair: iFixit dissects the machine tools sold by Apple

Apple didn’t do things halfway with its self-service repair service. In addition to spare parts, the manufacturer also provides tools, some very small like screwdrivers, others much more cumbersome. iFixitwhich fought for the right to repair when Apple fiercely opposed it, bought the three main machine tools… to disassemble them, of course.

The press to replace the screen ($216) is the most admired machine by the do-it-yourselfer. It turns out that Apple has particularly taken care of the movement of the handle that supports the screen on the iPhone. This is indeed ensured by a very ingenious ball bearing system.

The press to install the battery ($115) garners less praise, indeed it doesn’t have much hidden or very interesting to reveal.

Finally, the device for removing the screen via a heating system ($256.35) turns out to be much more complex than expected, with a lot of electronics inside and quite a few questions about certain components including the use is not documented (a USB port on the motherboard, for example).

The self-service repair service allows you to replace the batteries, photo sensors, screens, speakers or even SIM card drawers for the iPhone SE 3 and the iPhone 12 and 13 ranges. After its American launch, it should be roll out in Europe later this year.

Apple opens its self-service repair service in the United States

Apple opens its self-service repair service in the United States

In addition, New York State officials voted in favor of the Digital Fair Repair Act, the first law in the United States on the right to repair. The text, which must be signed by the governor, will be implemented within a year. Starting in the summer of 2023, builders selling electronics in New York will have to provide tools, spare parts and documentation to anyone who wants to repair their devices themselves.


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