Second to Chrome, Apple’s Safari browser surpasses one billion users

Apple’s strategy and the strength of its ecosystem are helping Safari grow in popularity. The proof, the browser is now used by more than 1 billion people. However, it remains far less popular than Google Chrome.

Atlas VPN has delved into internet browser usage statistics to establish an inventory of this market, which is unsurprisingly dominated head and shoulders by Google’s Chrome. Mixing figures from GlobalStats and InternetWorldStats, whose methodologies differ somewhat, Atlas VPN comes to the conclusion that nearly 3.4 billion people used Chrome in April 2022. And if Safari, Apple’s browser, n t happens that in second position with 19.16% market share, it still has 1.006 billion monthly users.

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A symbolic step has therefore been taken by Safari which, taking advantage of the still very strong popularity of Apple products on the markets of smartphones, tablets and other computers, manages to resist the domination of Chrome. Much better in any case than the alternative solutions that are Microsoft Edge (213 million users), Mozilla’s Firefox (179 million), Samsung Internet (150 million) or even Opera (109 million). The fruity firm’s strong focus on data security and privacy for the past few years, as well as the sweeping measures taken within its ecosystem to limit targeted advertising, seem to be bearing fruit.

For its part, Google has also been able to develop a powerful ecosystem which is very difficult to escape when using an Android smartphone or a Windows computer, thanks in particular to extremely popular services which, from YouTube to Maps via Drive and Gmail , are all gateways to Chrome.

At the bottom of the ranking, we notice that Edge has taken precedence over Firefox. This is explained in particular by the release of Windows 11 in which Microsoft played a trick as old as floppy disks on Mozilla, setting its software as the default browser and making it more difficult to choose an alternative. The kind of practices for which Microsoft has already been heavily condemned, which does not prevent it from starting again… with convincing results.


Safari is a modern and fast web browser available on macOS, but also on Windows.

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