Season 1 of For All Mankind is available for free on Apple TV+

In the category of original Apple creations, there are a ton of nuggets with castings to make any competitor on the streaming market blush. From the beginning, an Apple series has managed to stand out among the others… It’s For All Mankind. Apple wants you to discover this incredible content without forcing you to subscribe to Apple TV+!

Free access to the first season

For a limited time, Apple is offering any user who logs into Where through the Apple TV app to discover the first season of the For All Mankind series for free. This gesture is not without ulterior motive, since from the reviews that the series has had, Apple knows very well that there is a good chance that you will want to subscribe to see the rest of the series.

For those who haven’t watched For All Mankind yet, this is a series that tells the story of several NASA astronauts who undergo difficult training to go on a mission to the Moon. The small peculiarity is that you are projected into a world where the Soviet Union has succeeded in sending men to the Moon, before the Americans !
The President of the United States will set the bar very high as he will insist that NASA astronauts make historic discoveries like finding water once they land.

for all mankind

In this series, you find the presence of Joel Kinnaman (Altered Carbon) who plays Edward Baldwin, Wrenn Schmidt (The Looming Tower) who plays the character Margo Madison, Sarah Jones (The Path) who embodies the role of Tracy Stevens or Sonya Walger (The Catch) who plays the role of Molly Cobb.

For All Mankind is created by Ronald D. Moore (Outlander)Matt Wolpert (Umbrella Academy) and Ben Nedivi (fargo). Among the production companies behind For All Mankind, we can see the talented teams of Sony Pictures Television as well as the participation of Tall Ship Productions.

If you want to go further with the catalog, Apple TV+ offers you 7 day free trial and beyond, the invoicing of 4.99€/month engages automatically, but without obligation.

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