Scrunchies, donuts, ice cream, churros… how many calories for these summer star products?

On the beach, this summer, you may have fallen in love with one of the sweets offered by street vendors. If the summer period is conducive to these small pleasures, the impact on your line of products offered is potentially significant.

“Chouchou, donuts, ice cream, churros…” Lying on your towel or your deckchair, the call launched by the street vendors can convince you to give in to one of the essential sweets of summer.

It’s the holidays and you have to have fun, but how many calories do these different little pleasures represent?

Churros, stars of the summer

According to nutritionist Stéphanie Roux interviewed by our colleagues from Public Good, a filled donut represents between 450 to 460 kcal. Half as sweet as a donut, a single churros still represents 120 kcal.

The churros is also the flagship product of the summer according to the traders interviewed by our colleagues from TF1, in particular because sold in packages, they seem cheap in the eyes of customers. According to professionals, they can thus represent up to 50% of the turnover of certain brands.

100 grams of scrunchies = a Big Mac?

For dietician Sarah Chaignaud, interviewed by RTL, “the palm of fat” goes to the darlings. “These sugar-coated peanuts are real lipid reservoirs: more than 500 kilocalories for a 100-gram serving, the equivalent of a Big Mac”, write our colleagues.

But unlike other products, scrunchies at least have the advantage of containing vitamins, minerals and omega-9s that can be beneficial for your health. This is indicated by Nathalie Négro, interviewed by Le Parisien. This nutritionist estimates that up to 30 grams every fortnight, the risk of weight gain is limited.

As for ice cream, specialists estimate that a Magnum represents 300 kcal, compared to around 200 for a cone.

It may be better to opt for a sweet crepe at 150 kcal or a plain waffle at 230 kcal. But be careful here too, the total can jump to more than 300 Kcal if you add whipped cream or a spread.

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