Save stores will all repair iPhones with Apple’s approval

The smartphone repair brand Save will benefit from a more extensive Apple license for its approximately 220 stores. By the end of the year, Save (or Point Service Mobiles, from the name of the old brand in some places) will offer iPhone repairs in 200 shops instead of the 50 already concerned.

Like other players in the field who have negotiated an agreement with Apple – the shops of operators in particular or the WiFix network of Fnac / Darty next month – Save has joined the Independent Repair Program (IRP). Designed for independent repairers, it gives them access to original spare parts. For customers, this is the way to obtain after-sales service on their iPhones, as Apple can offer in its stores. Except that these are far from covering France.

The network of Apple repairers under the magnifying glass of Kernel Panic

The network of Apple repairers under the magnifying glass of Kernel Panic

But precisely, when you have an Apple Store nearby, it is not useless to compare the prices before choosing your repairer. Contrary to what Save says in its press release, the alternative will not necessarily be less expensive than Apple’s prices.

For example, replacing an iPhone 12 screen costs €359.90 at Save, but €311 at an Apple Store for an out-of-warranty device. On an iPhone XR on the other hand, the Save client will do better by paying only €149.90 instead of €221 at Apple. And for the battery, that of an iPhone XS will be replaced for €69.90 by Save and €75 by Apple. The Apple prices opposite are those paid at the maximum, ie if Apple was obliged to send the device to its European repair centers. If the iPhone is repaired on site, the 12 € transport will not be charged.

From one iPhone model to another, these prices fluctuate, but when no other trusted repairer is present in your area, price is no longer the only criterion that comes into play.

Why an after-sales service veteran decided to

Why an after-sales service veteran decided to give up his Apple license


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