Safle Launches Its Long-Awaited Beta Version Of The Browser Wallet On Google Chrome Store

April 29, 2022, Dubai – An ecosystem characterized by the existence of multiple blockchains, lack of interoperability, complexity and security threats is what led the Safle team to develop a wallet that overcomes these challenges and creates the foundation for compatibility. cross-chain and provides an avenue for Web3 infrastructure support. Safle aimed to create a non-custodial blockchain-independent wallet and after months of development and testing, the Safle team is proud to present its highly integrated, simple and secure standalone wallet to the world. browser extension beta wallet.

The Safle Wallet, with its cross-channel integrations, allows users to access all of their digital assets within a single app. Through the browser extension, users will not only be able to store their multi-chain assets, but also seamlessly trade crypto tokens, access decentralized applications (dApps), access real-time market data, and do a whole lot more. more.

Main features of V 0.1:

Current Safle wallet integrations include Ethereum and Polygon, soon it will be compatible with Bitcoin, Solana, Fantom, Ripple, Terra, Avalanche, BSC, Harmony, Velas and Tezos to name a few, making Safle a wallet high-end crypto you want, but absolutely need!

How to use the Safle browser extension

With this beta release, it’s easy for new and existing wallet users to get started with our browser extension.

  • Download beta browser extension here
  • Existing users – Log in to the browser extension using your recovery phrase.
  • New users – If you don’t have a self-custody wallet yet, select “Create a new portfolio”. If you want import an existing EVM compatible Ethereum wallet, choose “Import Wallet” and enter your recovery boot phrase.

Early Bird Rewards

Creating a SafleID gives users access to all existing and future functionality within the Safle technology stack. Early adopters of the browser extension are encouraged with rewards of up to 100k USD. Follow Safle’s social activities to learn more about the airdrop campaign.

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