Rumor: Here’s Apple’s roadmap for the iPhone notch

Present since the iPhone X marketed in November 2017, the notch is living its last moments in the iPhone range. Indeed, all the rumors announce the passage to a hole accompanied by a pill at the top of the screen. the display technology consultant Ross Young reveals more information on this subject!

The notch will have definitely disappeared from the iPhone 15

The iPhone is one of the last smartphones to feature a notch at the top of its screen, the majority of competitors now offer a device more discreet like a little pill or a hole for the front camera.
While many Apple customers have nothing against the notch and don’t mind keeping it for a few more years, some no longer support to have such a thick notch at the top of their screen.

Apple listens carefully to its community for the design of its future products and for the Californian giant, the notch is no longer an option from this year.
Indeed, the company wants to remove the notch only on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, however it will still be present on the “non-pro” models.

However, this strategy should continue next year with the iPhone 15, Apple would have planned to completely exclude the notch for all iPhone models, even for those with a cheaper price.

iphone 14 pro mock pill hole

This allegation comes to us from the famous specialist consultant Ross Young, he says that Apple’s approach will be to first accustom customers to the pill with the hole on the iPhone 14 Pro and then to democratize this new format with all iPhone 15.

For Apple, this will also make it possible to see the feeling consumers vis-à-vis the removal of the traditional notch. Will they be reluctant to acquire an iPhone 14 Pro without the notch or will they, on the contrary, not take this change into account when purchasing?

As mentioned in one of our previous articles, the disappearance of the notch will slightly increase the size of the screens of the future iPhone 14 Pro.

No more pills and holes from 2024

Also according to Ross Young, the step after the “pill + the hole” will be to include the sensors necessary for the operation of Face ID and the front camera under the screen.
The specialized consultant believes that this technological breakthrough will happen from 2024 with the iPhone 16 Pro then in 2025 on all iPhone 17 models.

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