Resident Evil Village on Macs? Apple should stop trying video games

Apple had a few words for gamers during its WWDC keynote broadcast on the evening of June 6. But the Cupertino company did not convince at all.

Whether on the user experience, the relevance of the ecosystem or the development of its own chips, Apple is ahead in many areas. On the other hand, in the field of video games, the Cupertino company is struggling to convince. Between his lack of interest in cloud gaming, the sticks he puts in the wheels of others (Epic Games) and the anonymity in which his Arcade service develops, his efforts are futile, if not non-existent.

The Cupertino company still tried to take a step forward. During her conference organized as part of WWDC 2022, she dedicated a few minutes to gaming. She even invited a Capcom employee to announce the release of Resident Evil Village — latest opus to date — on Macs. Concretely, Apple proclaims to anyone who will listen that the Apple Silicon architecture would be a game-changer for video games. There are even new tools to help developers better optimize their projects. But the first images of Resident Evil Village are far from inviting to ecstasy.

Moving is worse. // Source: Apple YouTube screenshot

Apple does not know how to convince on gaming

In the press release published on June 6, 2022, the gaming tab is relegated to the very end – a sign that it’s not really a priority for Apple. We can read there that the Apple Silicon architecture, coupled with dedicated software, would allow studios to launch ambitious games on Macs (and iPads equipped with an M1 chip). Three productions are mentioned: No Man’s Sky, GRID Legends and so, Resident Evil Village.

Concretely, the MetalFX technology offers the possibility of running complex sequences with fewer resources, thanks to intelligent scaling. ” The result is accelerated performance that provides gamers with a smoother experience and incredible graphics. », all with reduced loading times. Except that judging by the images of the three games mentioned, the rendering is anything but ” unbelievable “.

GRID Legends on Mac
We found worse than Pokémon. // Source: Apple YouTube screenshot

It’s still better than nothing, some will think. But still, the gameplay videos of No Man’s Sky, GRID Legends and Resident Evil Village do not honor either the graphics power so vaunted by Apple, or the promises made in the press release (or during the conference). Textures look coarse at best, depth of field is barely passable, and at worst the framerate doesn’t look comfortable (image appears choppy). At a time when players can be amazed with a PS5, an Xbox Series X or a powerful PC (at the price of a Mac…), the comparison is painful. We also praised the graphics of Resident Evil Village on Sony’s latest console. We won’t do that here.

Capcom’s horror game, which hasn’t communicated anything about the port via its own channels, seems to run less well on a Mac than on an older generation console (from 2013). Same story for No Man’s Sky. As for GRID Legendsit is less attractive than a racing game that would only be released on mobile… And there is obviously only the creator of No Man’s Sky to rejoice:

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