Repair your iPhone yourself: Apple sells parts and rents tools at staggering prices

Belgian Apple customers can now repair their devices themselves

The cheapest official repair

Unfortunately, there is a gap between theory and practice. Everything would be fine in the best of all possible worlds if pricing policy did not stifle the initiative visibly developed in it reluctantly of the American colossus.

Let’s take a specific example:

  • Your iPhone 12 screen is irreparably damaged.
  • You order a replacement display module (€324.16) and a seven-day tool kit rental (€59.95) through the In-Service Repair program website.
  • After repairing the phone, you send the replaced part back to Apple and receive a credit of €40.67.
  • The operation in total: €343.44.

Why even bother repairing this iPhone 12 vs. €343.44 while Apple can take care of it against… €338.99 ? The “apple” is strong, very strong in the sense that repair by the customer costs more than repair by an Apple authorized service center.

Few devices affected

At-home repair options are currently limited to the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone SE (third generation) and four MacBook models.

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