Removing Google from his life, is it possible? This is the podcast of the week

Whether you use your Android smartphone, your PC or your smartwatch, Google is present everywhere and all your data is collected, without anyone really knowing where all this is leading us… Should we totally ban Google? Guillaume Slash has answered all your questions and gives you some solutions if you want to take the plunge.

Whatever services you use, Google is never far away, ready to point the tip of its nose by offering you access to many services such as Gmail, YouTube, Drive… With all these services, Google knows how to make it indispensable and become the center of your use of the web. The firm still takes some biases that can annoy some, especially on the use of personal data.

Even if Google wants you to believe that its services are necessary, it is always possible to get rid of them. But what solutions are available to you? Follow the guide or listen to our podcast!

Advice from a Google Pixel user without Google services

In last week’s episode, Arnaud Gelineau asked Guillaume Slash, from the NowTech team, why it is necessary to detach from Google services and especially how to do it little by little.

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