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In recent years, rumors have agitated the web and mainly the world of smartphone lovers. It’s about creating a phone with mind-blowing capabilities. The idea is lent to the inexhaustible, “Technoking”, Elon Musk and his company, the automotive giant, Tesla, which until now was exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of electric cars.

Credit: TESLA MODEL PI 5G 2022

From some sources, we learn that the Tesla Model PI will be the most powerful, fastest and smartest smartphone designed to date. Because, it would be equipped with many new features, which together we will discover. What does Tesla PI really have in store for us?


There is a huge range of smartphones with amazing features in the global market. However, the man from Tesla will certainly be talked about once again, thanks to the realistic features he would like to equip his very first smart smartphone. It would be:

“Neuralink” technology

The “Neuralink” Technology is the brain-machine interface on which the NEURALINK startup has been working since 2016. Through this device, Elon Musk would like to endow his smartphone with the ability to be remotely controlled by human thought. It will be about implanting a chip in the human brain by means of surgery. Once this is done, the machine will be able to interpret thoughts and translate them into concrete action.

From “mining”

Having already expressed himself clearly and favorably on electronic money, we will not be surprised by Elon Musk’s desire to equip his Tesla, PI model with the possibility of mining (mining in French) cryptocurrencies. This crypto-currency would be called “marscoin” or simply, the electronic money of Mars. Earning money just by making everyday use of your phone: that’s what will make future users of this smartphone happy.

Its connectivity

A man of many hats, the owner of space giant Space X, Elon Musk is planning to equip his Tesla PI with the ability to connect to the internet via “starlink”. It is a set made up of more than 2000 satellites, stationed in orbit, belonging to Space X.

This new phone from Tesla will achieve a throughput of 210 Mbps. Far from having finished with the surprises, it could be that with this smartphone, calls between the planet Mars and the Earth are possible. We understand why some were quick to attach Tesla PI to the colonization project of the red planet of its creator.

Its battery and solar charging system

Whoever talks about electric vehicles necessarily talks about batteries or charging systems. This is why we will not be surprised by the robustness of the battery provided for the PI model. The one anticipated for the little gem would have a capacity of 4300 mAh, with a load of 30 W.

It is so annoying to drag a charger with you, to find an electrical outlet to recharge your battery. Again, the “Musk genius” would have struck a blow by equipping his smartphone with a solar charging system located on the back of the cover.

His screen

To the delight of its users, the Tesla PI would be equipped with an AMOLED screen, with full HD definition, 6.2 inches in size, certified HDR10+, its refresh rate would be 120 Hz. This guarantees fluidity at close to perfection. Something to delight lovers of video games on mobile phones.

At this time, we have no precise information on its shape (classic or curved). However, this does not prevent us from believing that we are in front of an ultra-modern screen completely covering the front panel, thus offering a unique experience to each user.

His camera

One of the most interesting features of the moment when it comes to smartphones is obviously its camera. You can already understand that the designer does not intend to go with mortmain.

According to some leaks, it would indeed offer the future user of the Tesla PI, a front camera located under the screen and a rear camera with four lenses with mind-blowing features such as: taking crystal clear photos in an absolute black environment and/or, at the same time as the videos or even the possibility of taking photos of space as perfect as those taken using a telescope.

his memory

The information that would have leaked states that, for all the characteristics mentioned, Tesla’s future smartphone could contain a RAM memory equal to 16 GB and a ROM of up to 2 TB. Enough to allow you to perform tasks such as that: mining crypto-currencies, playing and performing various downloads simultaneously, without this being a problem. But, also to store large volumes of data on it.

Its processor and its ability to control Tesla vehicles

At the moment, it is almost impossible to know exactly what type of processor Tesla will equip its smartphone with. Never mind, tracks are revealed to us, although these are unofficial sources. According to them, we could either be in front of a new processor designed by the giant Tesla; just like Apple did with its “A bionic” processors, which only work on the iPhone. Either in front of the formidable snapdragon 8 Gen 1, which would rank on the same level as Apple’s bionic A15.

According to some industry experts, Tesla’s newest smartphone will be better integrated with Tesla electric vehicles. Something that will then guarantee a simplified handling of these vehicles.

Release date and price

According to some indiscretions, the release of our “alien” phone would be scheduled for the end of this year 2022. Some sources say that the presentation will take place more precisely on December 21, 2022 in the USA. Other voices lent themselves to the game of speculation. They assessed its probable cost at between €800 and €1,400. However, it should be noted that our automotive giant, Tesla, has never officially commented on the subject.


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