Refurb Apple: iPad Air 4 in Switzerland and Belgium

Two years after its launch, the fourth generation iPad Air enters Apple’s refurb in Belgium and Switzerland. Nothing for France since the categories, iPad and iPhone were suddenly deleted last August. This “old” tablet is still in the game, everything will depend on the promotions that we will find on this range and on the new one launched in March.

On the refurb in Belgium for example, the 64 GB Wi-Fi model is €519, the cellular version €639, the 256 GB Wi-Fi version costs €659 and its cellular variant is €779. In Switzerland, refurbished models range from 499 to 649 francs.

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iPad Air 5 (2022) review: a professional look

For comparison, the new iPad Air 5 starts at €700 for Wi-Fi and 64 GB (€687 on Amazon). This generation 2022 brings an M1 processor, 5G, a faster USB-C port and functions like Centered frame for visios.

Refurb draws a line on iPhones and iPads 🆕

Refurb draws a line on iPhones and iPads 🆕


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