Real Madrid, PSG – Mercato: a friend shows Mbappé packing his boxes!

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In the game of rumors concerning the future of Kylian Mbappé, France and Spain have been playing a game of ping-pong for months. One shot, for sure, the striker will extend to PSG so much Qatar is ready to offer him everything to keep him, another, he has already signed a pre-contract with Real Madrid. The main interested party continues to say that he has not made a decision.

But rather than journalists, let the images do the talking. And these, published by a friend of Mbappé, the artist Ora Ito, on social networks, are very clear: he is packing his boxes, synonymous with an upcoming move. Initially, Ito wanted to thank the world champion for signing a shirt for him. Except that in the background, we see his trophies and wrapped frames, placed next to boxes. When we know that, at the same time, the work of refreshing the house he bought in Madrid has started, we say to ourselves that he may have made his decision!

to summarize

Officially, Kylian Mbappé has still not decided whether he will extend to PSG or go free to Real Madrid in June. But a photo posted on social networks by a friend shows that he is already packing his boxes to leave France…

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