Real Madrid: a controversial derby that rekindles tensions

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A derby remains a derby. Even if the sporting stakes of this clash between neighbors were less, Real Madrid having already won La Liga, the rivalry between Merengues and Rojiblancos is no longer to be proven. Especially since, even if there were not so many things to play for, except for Atlético who had to secure their place in the Champions League, this match was marked by the controversy over the pasillo. And we can say it, he has revived the tensions between the two clubs.

As expected, Atlético did not make this guard of honor to pay tribute to the players of Real. Tradition dictates, however, that each team facing a recent winner of a competition does this pasillo, as did the players of Barça to those of Betis, winners of the Copa del Rey. If on the side of the Colchoneros, several justifications were mentioned, such as the desire not to disrespect his audience by saluting the sworn enemy, it goes badly on the side of the pro-Real media.

The pro-Real rage!

We also talk much more about the attitude of Atlético de Madrid and its public than about the content of the match, for which Carlo Ancelotti had also lined up a well-reformed team. Before kick-off, the rojiblancos supporters unfurled a banner criticizing the power of Real Madrid to the media and the referees: “between the media and the men in yellow (the referees, editor’s note), you have already had 120 years of pasillo”. There was no need for more… “Me, I would break relations with Atlético. Tomorrow “underlined a very angry Juanma Rodriguez on the set ofThe Chiringuito.

His colleague Julio Pulido was also sharp on the waves of the SER padlock : “I didn’t think Atlético was so attentive to the media, I thought they were above that. If Atlético depends on what is said in debates and articles, let them start talking about Simeone’s future like the media do. What bothers the fans (of Real Madrid, editor’s note) is how ridiculous Atlético were with the pasillo”. Always so provocative, Tomas Roncero from the newspaper AS also stung Atlético: “We are champions. No one is going to take it away from us. Atlético fans celebrate a victory in a match, we celebrate a title. Some celebrate small battles, we celebrate war ». Good atmosphere in Madrid!

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