Psoriasis: these 4 foods to avoid

A chronic inflammatory disease, psoriasis is manifested by cutaneous plaques covered with scales, these thin whitish strips of skin. And certain foods tend to aggravate this condition.

The candies

This is particularly the case for sweets, and more generally all very sweet products (cakes, spreads, etc.). These are to be avoided because sugar increases the chronic inflammation that already exists.

The cold cuts

It is also advisable to limit your consumption of red meat and cold cuts. These foods contain saturated fatty acids which stimulate the inflammatory reaction.

Prepared meals

Processed foods, such as ready meals and instant soups, high in saturated fats and refined sugars, can also intensify symptoms.

white bread

Finally, we can mention white bread and white pasta. In case of psoriasis, bet instead on whole foods rich in omega 3, such as salmon and spinach.

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