PSG: Kimpembe annoyed the club …

Presnel Kimpembe’s recent outing on his future at Paris Saint-Germain is going badly in the capital. The Parisian management did not like it.

Kimpembe wants to discuss his future with PSG

I’m turning 27 in August, it’s a key moment in my career. My next contract will be important. I’m waiting to be able to meet the new sports management and to be able to change on the club’s future project, I’m interested. We will have to discuss fairly quickly. During a press conference on Sunday, Presnel Kimpembe sent a message to Paris Saint-Germain management regarding his future.

Under contract until June 2024 and paid 700,000 euros gross per month, the 26-year-old central defender wishes to obtain a salary in line with his status in the team and would like to get closer to the emoluments of his team-mate Marquinhos, who margins 1 M € gross per month, according to L’Equipe. A subject that the French international therefore wishes to raise quickly with his management to consider the future calmly. But his exit goes badly in the capital…

A little appreciated pressure

According to the daily Le Parisien, Kimpembe has tonn and crumpled its leaders by choosing to speak publicly on such a subject during a gathering of the French team. The Parisian management, who would have preferred to discuss it with his player in private, considers this exit as a form of pressure to push the club to start negotiations for an extension.

However, the rules have changed within the capital club in recent weeks. From now on, the staff of PSG believes that it is no longer up to the players to impose their timing while Luis Campos has arrived as the president’s sports adviser to restore order in the Parisian house. The Portuguese has a principle: he leads the discussions according to his own agenda and the players must comply with it. In case of disagreement with his way of doing things, a separation can even be considered.

Kimpembe did not fully convince

We are not there yet with Kimpembe. If this episode does not call into question, for the moment, the future of the Tricolore Paris, its exit should earn him a reprimand. Which will perhaps be accompanied by a small development on its level. Still according to the regional newspaper, Parisian decision-makers accuse the vice-captain of PSG his jumps of concentration which lead him to miss duels or not to anticipate well . Suffice to say that the world champion will have to find the right arguments to negotiate a higher salary.

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