PSG: details from Paris City Hall on the sale of the Parc des Princes

Eager to buy the Parc des Princes, the leaders of Paris Saint-Germain face off against the greed of Paris City Hall. Anne Hidalgo’s first deputy, Emmanuel Grgoire, gave some details to justify the town hall’s position.

Parc des Princes, a point of contention between PSG and Paris City Hall.

Paris Saint-Germain always wants to dream bigger. To achieve this, the managers have a very specific plan: to buy the Parc des Princes. Problem, the city of Paris isn’t about to let go of its enclosure. Or rather, it will not let go unless there is a very significant financial compensation, namely 350 million euros. An amount that is considered too high by the leaders of the capital club.

Selling the park, headache

After several torments between the representatives of the two parties, Emmanuel Grgoire, the guest of the program The root turns on at RMC, decided to calm things down. Anne Hidalgo’s first deputy tried to justify the town hall’s position. Is the park for sale? It is not a simple question. We have never ruled out selling the Park. We want PSG to stay in the park at all costs. It is a closely related story. We need the Paris Club. This is the capital’s club and we want it to stay that way said the politician in response to threats from Nasser Al Khelafi, who is considering moving away from the Porte de Saint-Cloud.

The difficulty is that the sale of public property meets very strong legal restrictions. I think the president of PSG had these limitations in mind, but he kind of forgot about them. You must first propose a price and then have it validated by Bercy’s administration. It cannot be sold for less than the price set by the domains. It is finally necessary to convince the council about Bercy. Even if I were to agree, and we can start on this hypothesis, I would have to be able to convince a majority of the 163 councilors of Paris. It’s not that simple warned the 44-year-old.

PSG too far from the goal

Sports enthusiast, the socialite confirms that he understands PSG’s desire to achieve the best possible deal and as soon as possible. We understand Nasser’s argument when he says that he will have to invest 500,600 million euros. I can’t say no to him. We discuss it. This is not our priority option. Historically, the park is the property of the city of Paris. We have long-term leases, we rent the Park for a very, very long term. But it is true that in the model of the big international clubs, ownership of the stadium is an element that counts a lot. I know football well enough not to ignore this argument. We rent the Park at PSG very cheaply continued the advisor for the metropolis of Greater Paris.

While insisting that the sale will be no price. The park with PSG is worth a lot. The empty Park is worth much less. It is therefore not easy to say how much a is actually worth. The price depends on legal criteria. The park has an absolutely astronomical land value. Some experts say the park is worth 1 billion euros. On the other hand, PSG say he is worth 40 million euros. We have an expert report prepared by independent experts who say it is worth 350 million euros. But there are lots of complex technical underlyings added Grégoire, who also recalled the difficulty of expanding the stadium as desired by NAK.

PSG is the park

It is a technical difficulty of the file, the building has a special configuration, which also makes its charm. Half of it lies above the ring road. One of the solutions in the resumption of the stadium consists of digging the ground to emphasize the angles of the stands. But today, engineering studios say it’s hard to get beyond 10,000 or 15,000 extra seats. We cannot reach a meter of 90,000 or 100,000. PSG would prefer a 60,000 stadium, while we keep this extremely valuable compact aspect. Build a 100,000 seat stadium today, I have doubts about the idea continued the Squano-Dionysian.

And to finish with a message that is clear enough to make it clear that PSG does not have a standard margin in this file. Can PSG really leave the park? It would not be a responsibility we ourselves would bear. My feeling is that the future of PSG is in the Park. If we start from this postulate, which is shared between the shareholder, the city, the supporters and the football fans, we will find a solution. I can’t imagine RC Lens playing anywhere other than Bollaert. This is a matter of historical depth. I have no other obsession than keeping PSG on the park , skilfully slid Grégoire. To dream even bigger, you will necessarily have to make certain concessions. Which ones? Only the future will tell us.

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