products to avoid in the sun

Sun exposure can turn into a nightmare. To avoid unpleasant surprises, certain precautions are necessary. Explanations.

For the sun to remain a pleasure, certain precautions must be taken during exposure. Beware of your medication or your favorite cosmetic product. Indeed, without you knowing it, it may contain photosensitizing ingredients. An explosive cocktail when exposed to the sun.

We speak of a photosensitizing product when it makes the skin more sensitive to the sun, a phenomenon that causes redness or pimples. What are the drugs to be wary of when exposed to the sun? Watch out for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), certain acne ointments, oral antibiotics, certain antidepressants, etc. Obviously, take the time to read the instructions to make sure there is no risk. In any case, do not hesitate to ask your doctor the question so as not to run any risk.

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Watch out for the scent

We think first of all of ketoprofen but also of piroxicam (two non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and post-mosquito bite soothing creams containing isothipendyl hydrochloride“, details Pr Annick Barbaud, dermatologist, quoted by 60 million consumers. But it is not only the drugs to be wary of. Also beware of perfumes and certain cosmetics which can do damage to the skin.

60 million consumers also warns against the danger associated with certain plants. Like lemon, fennel or celery for example. Sometimes touching certain plants can cause burns when exposed to the sun. “Phyto-phototoxicity with parsnip is very fashionable, those who put lime on their skin also have beautiful pigmentations in charm”, warns Professor Annick Barbaud.

VIDEO – Health Diary – Dr Christian Recchia: “Skin cancer can start simply with a sunburn”

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