Product reminder: this toy can cause strangulation, be very careful!

For several months now the French have had to pay much more attention to what they consume and use. Whether it is already for a question of budget because of inflation, or even risks. Indeed, product recalls are only multiplying. But the government has set up an official site called Rappel Conso. The purpose of this is precisely to list all the products that make callback object with all the information necessary for their identification. If the food products seem to be greatly affected, They are not the only ones. The example with this children’s toy which can lead to strangulation. We’ll explaine everything here.

A musical toy that can go wrong

If you have bought a new toy for your child during his school holidays, mistrust in which Indeed, product recalls seem more often to be with regard to food with risk of contaminationof sickness, or even traces of foreign body in the products. Nevertheless, this time it’s a children’s toy that could well prove to be more dangerous provided that.

This is not the first toy during the summer that has been subject to a product recall. It turns out that others whose parts were too small pose a risk of ingestion by children and therefore of suffocation. This time it is not this problem posed by the toy. But many risks of strangulation which also can unfortunately lead to choking.

Safety questioned

If baby products, especially food and hygiene, are closely monitored, some have nevertheless been subject to product recalls. But obviously, it’s not just food that needs to be monitored. The example with this musical toy for toddlers. It therefore presents great risks of stranregulation as specified by the Government Rappel Consommateur website.

Last Wednesday that the musical animal Brigitte le Bernard L’Hermite. From the brand Little Big Friends was the subject of a product recall. Indeed it seems that in the plush there is a musical box that plays the famous children’s song Frère Jacques. But while this musical plush seems sold everywhere in France. And on the baby sitesé also, it represents a big risk for the little ones.

The product recall

Thus, it is the Hermit Bernard musical soft toy that is the subject of a product recall. The GTIN code is “3700552303884” and his lot is “MAHC10L220101”. The government website states that “We discovered a potential security issue, which can be caused by the pull rope of the toy in question. This can pose a strangulation hazard to young children”. This toy has been selling since June.

In order to facilitate the return of this toy as part of the product recall, the Rappel Conso site has published a list with the points of sale concerned by this toy. The brand itself states that “If you are in possession of this product, we ask that you keep the toy out of the reach of childrenand to send us your postal address to in order to proceed with the return and refund of the product”. It is therefore until mid-October that parents will be able to be reimbursed.

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