Product recall: watch out for this very popular sandwich sold at Monoprix!

Another product recall very popular with customers of Monoprix stores! When it’s not Kinder, pistachios, bread with metal chips, Buitoni pizzas… This time, it’s a sandwich that we’ve all eaten once in our lives, during a break quick lunch at work. Health scandals have been legion lately. We could end up becoming paranoid at the supermarket! Well, for once, this one does not contain listeria, e-coli or pieces of metal. However, a labeling problem does not mention that it contains sesame, which is allergenic for part of the population. In addition to the website Drink reminderthe government website, Monoprix stores themselves initiated the recall of the sandwich. Indeed, the presence of seeds of sesame can lead to serious allergies in intolerant consumers.

The presence of sesame is not indicated on the packaging

Since the scandals of the various food product recalls, the French are more vigilant about their purchases in supermarkets. However, no matter how careful we are, if information is missing on the labels, we cannot guess them! You can always be the unlucky one who comes across the defective product. This Tuesday, May 17, Monoprix launched the alert concerning its essential Emmental ham sandwich, marketed from 05/11/2022 to 05/16/2022 in its stores, with a use-by date between 05/16/2022 and 05/21/2022.

The sandwich itself does not contain toxic substances, only sesame seeds which could turn into a tragedy for some allergic people. Both adults and children can be intolerant to sesame and this can cause more or less severe reactions. Itching in the throat and palate, asthma, hives, digestive disorders. Some people even suffer from eye swelling, face and lipss, voltage drops, or even loss of consciousness. This is therefore not to be taken lightly. For any information, please contact Monoprix consumer service.

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