Product recall: this sleeping bag may cause respiratory arrest

The sleeping bag, also called the sleeping bag, is one of the essential accessories so that your child can spend the night comfortably. Not only does it keep him warm, but as a bonus it ensures his safety. Before the age of 2, pillows and other blankets must be avoided in the cradle, as they can cause suffocation during your child’s sleep.

A dangerous sleeping bag pointed out by the authorities

Since 2 December 2022, the official Consumer Reminder website has warned young parents about a 6-36 month sleeping bag from the Tex Baby brand, available in supermarkets under the Carrefour brand, due to a manufacturing problem. The reason for the recall is as follows:When used, the snaps may pierce the fabric and become small detachable items likely to be ingested by children under 3 years of age.” Which can cause respiratory arrest.

The sleeping bag in question is a model that has been on sale throughout France since September 2021, so it is quite possible that you have been using this model for several months without knowing that it was potentially dangerous. Result: verification is required.

How do you get a refund?

If you are one of the owners of a Tex Baby sleeping bag, here is the information to find out if your model is part of that lot:

  • GTIN (International Item Code): 3616474010758
  • The sleeping bag is white and decorated with polar animals, green icebergs and small stars (see picture below)

To receive a refund, simply return the product to the point of sale by March 1, 2023. Need more information? Do not hesitate to contact customer service on 0805500085.

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