Presentation of the Mégane E-Tech software with Google

During the VivaTech show, we had the privilege of discovering the Mégane E-Tech with the teams from Google France. You are going to tell me, why is an electric vehicle present on the Google stand? It’s simply the deepest Google integration on the market. It was therefore necessary to test this, specifically for the search for a charging station. Follow us…

The integration of this embedded system developed by Google is very different from Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Why? For the first time, the system integrates the control of certain vehicle functions. So you can see in our video test several use cases explained by the Google coach who demonstrated it to us:

  • Change of driving mode
  • Switching on the air conditioning
  • Finding a nearby station
  • Turning on a light in the driveway
  • Opening windows did not work

It should be noted that the voice recognition was perfect and that the technology is completely open-source. It is quite possible to make remote updates to enrich this software.

It is also possible for third-party developers to set up new applications to meet more specific needs. This Mégane E-Tech definitely hides many surprises.

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