Pogba case: Mathias, Paul’s brother, released from prison

The other will have been good. According to our information, footballer Mathias Pogba, who was rejected on 29 September, has just had his new request for release approved by the investigating judges responsible for the extortion case in an organized gang, where he had been behind bars since 17 September. . The older brother of the Blues midfielder and 2018 world champion Paul Pogba – the main victim of this sensitive case – was therefore able to leave the custody in Villepinte (Seine-Saint-Denis) on Friday 23 December.

In accordance with what his lawyer, Me Yassine Bouzrou, had requested, the 32-year-old Franco Guinean was placed under judicial control, in particular for a ban on contacting his mother and his brother Paul, as well as the main characters of the case. He must not leave the territory or use social networks. Asked on Friday morning, Me Bouzrou did not want to comment.

In this case, Mathias Pogba and four other people – still in custody – are suspected of putting pressure on Paul Pogba with the aim of extracting a large sum of money from him. The Juventus player was even kidnapped on the night of March 19-20, 2022, according to his account captured by childhood friends and two hooded men, armed with assault rifles, who then blamed him for not helping financially.

He admitted that he was on the initiative of the video

Mathias is not involved in these facts, which are as serious as they are traumatic for his brother Paul, but on the other hand, he admitted to the investigators that he was behind the video that revealed this affair and shook the world of football two months from now the World Cup in Qatar. Justice believes that the release of this video was a pressure to pressure his brother to pay.

In September, Mathias Pogba volunteered to be interviewed by the police, as his lawyer points out in his release request on 15 December. Following his police custody and his first appearance hearing before magistrates, the international midfielder’s older brother was charged with “extortion in an organized gang” and “criminal association” and then placed under judicial supervision. The prosecution immediately seized the Liberties and Deprivation of Liberty Judge (JLD), who sent the accused to custody.

“Mathias Pogba, who denies having participated in the facts, is particularly shocked by this deprivation of liberty”, reports Me Yassine Bouzrou in his request for release (DML). The criminal lawyer also notes that the other defendants have been questioned since 17 September and that their statements do not – in his eyes – contradict those of his client. Me Bouzrou also notes that Paul Pogba, heard as a civil party, “at no time implicated Mathias Pogba in the facts of which he was the victim”.

“No risk of pressure on witnesses and victims”

Yassine Bouzrou emphasizes the principle of the presumption of innocence and the unusual nature of deprivation of liberty, and recalls that alternative security measures are planned for the prison with a sanction procedure in case of violation of such control. The lawyer also considers that there is no risk of loss of evidence and material traces, nor of risk of fraudulent consultation with the other defendant, as his client also does not know the other people who are potentially involved in this case, but yet Justice has not been served.

In line with this demonstration, Me Bouzrou believes that the release of his client does not create a risk of pressure on witnesses and victims, recalling that neither Paul Pogba nor the mother of the two brothers has implicated his client. He also assures that there is no danger of fleeing or evading justice. “This procedure has important family and personal consequences for him. He obviously wants to participate in the manifestation of the truth,” writes Mathias Pogba’s lawyer, indicating that he can stay – alone – in a family property in Seine-et-Marne and abstain from all contact with Paul and his other relatives.

Finally, Me Bouzrou insists on Mathias Pogba’s desire to stay “at a distance from this situation”, specifying that Paul’s brother was informed via the procedure that their relatives could be involved in the armed extortion that took place in March 2002. All these arguments – or some of them – convinced the judges to release Mathias Pogba after 89 days in custody. And this time, the striker, who has played in more than twelve clubs in Europe, kept himself the one who had torpedoed the former DML by appearing on September 23 in new videos, notably published on his Twitter account, as he sat in the cell. . He continued his accusations there against the Juventus star in Turin. The pressure, in the eyes of the judges, thus justified his continued detention.

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