Pixel 4 Pokémon Wave Hello Soli app has disappeared from Google Play

One of the ways Google demonstrated Soli Motion Sense on the Pixel 4 was through an interactive Pokémon app. After nearly three years, Google removed Pokémon Wave Hello from the Play Store.

The Pokémon Wave Hello app was Nope responsible for the Pixel 4’s live background, which can be found under the “Come Alive” collection in the regular wallpaper picker.

Rather, this app was a way to demonstrate Soli gestures in a game-like manner by interacting with one of the five Pokémon. Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble hail from Pokemon Sword and Shield, while there’s Eevee – the best – and fan-favorite Pikachu.


By comparison, Live Wallpaper lets you use Soli to wave to them and get the same gesture in return, as well as stroking by bringing your hand closer to the screen. On top of that, tapping the screen makes them jump, while a double-tap lets you jump through. This experience is still available for direct download from Wallpaper & Style. (As of today, I was able to download the background to a Pixel 4 that didn’t have it installed first.) However, Google is still tied to Pokémon Wave Hello via a “Play More” button. ! »

Pokemon Wave Hello

As noticed today, the app was somewhat recently removed from the Google Play Store. Pokémon Wave Hello was released under the Developed by Google account, which also hosts AR stickers. There is precedent for this removal, as seen with the Mandalorian ARCore last year. Probably as far as content licensing goes, this app had a firm 11-month availability that was telegraphed to the listing at launch.

Deleting is somewhat unfortunate if you need to factory reset your phone, but you’re not missing out on much. The obvious solution is sideloading as the app no ​​longer appears under Manage apps & devices or by visiting the URL directly on your phone.

However, the other Soli demo app, Headed South by ustwo Studios, remains available for download.

Pokemon Sidekick Live Wallpaper

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