Pierre Ménès says more about Zidane and hits the Marseillais!

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To replace Mauricio Pochettino, the leaders of Paris Saint-Germain dream of Zinedine Zidane, free of any contract since leaving Real Madrid last summer. In a video posted on YouTube, Pierre Ménès gave his opinion on the possible arrival of Zinédine Zidane on the PSG bench.


“Spitting in Zidane’s face for a rumor is not good”

“These are rumours, Zidane hasn’t said a word, and there are negative comments about his Five, everyone opens their mouths, even the politicians. The problem is this madness. He is a coach, he has never played in Marseille. Since Qatar is a candidate for the World Cup, Zidane is under contract with Qatar. So it is not new that Zidane is in a financial relationship with Qatar”, estimated the former journalist from Canal+ before dismantling the Marseillais, who are offended by this rumor.

“You have to stop being offended by anything. It’s unbearable. If they don’t understand that it’s more exciting to train PSG rather than OM, that it’s a club that has more ambition and mean, I can’t do anything for them. I’m as shocked as in Paris, when I read the social networks, that all the coaches offered are blah. Zidane, Galtier, Pochettino is super blah. Who do you want? (…) If I were Zidane, if I saw the reactions in Marseille, when there is nothing founded in it, I would say ” save me from the family ”. Zidane’s mouth for a rumour, it’s not good.”

to summarize

In a video posted on YouTube, former Canal+ journalist Pierre Ménès gave his opinion on the rumor sending Zinédine Zidane to the Paris Saint-Germain bench.

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