Perpignan: Saint-Jean school enjoys Torcatis burgers

It was burger menu at Saint-Jean school in Perpignan this Thursday noon. A special meal that was created after a partnership with the Torcatis restaurant, which agreed to lend its recipe to the canteen cooks.

They are still licking their fingers. This Thursday noon, primary and middle school students tasted Torcatis-style burgers. A meal they wouldn’t have missed for the world. “Even if I had been sick, I would have come”, announces Julien, squinting over his freshly served tray. “It’s changing, there really it’s above what we usually eat”appreciates Loane, student in 3rd.

On the menu, therefore, the “classic” burger accompanied by fries and a ketchup sauce, all homemade. The Torcatis food truck, installed on the Maillol alleys, agreed to give the recipe for its burger to the cooks of the establishment’s canteen. Pleasing children while offering local products is what Olivier appreciates in the kitchen. Géraldine Torcatis, who manages the restaurant with her husband, is also pleased to be able to share “quality local products”.

“I have never seen so many people in the canteen”

In the queue at the entrance to the refectory, the students are agitated. It must be said that the whole school was waiting for this moment. “I didn’t need to make a call on the microphone to get them to come”slips Christine, a supervisor, before ensuring that she does not have “never seen so many people”. “It goes beyond excitement”, she continues.

After calling on Clos des Lys in 2018, the Saint-Jean school is once again offering its students the opportunity to discover the dishes of a local restaurateur. And they are starting to take a liking to it. “I want this once a month”claims Charles, his mouth full of fries. “It’s too too good, I’m not going to leave anything”.

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