pCloud finally optimized for Macs with Apple M1 chip and -75% on the 2 TB Family plan

Good news for Mac users with M1 chips, the editor Swiss now offers a new native version for Apple Silicon of its online storage software pCloud. With this version 3.11.5 unveiled on May 4, pCloud is thus getting up to speed with the latest Mac M1s, to offer better performance, we hope.

The editor is not not very loquacious about this new version. He also indicates that he has added the possibility of carrying out a search within an encrypted folder (with pCloud Crypto) that would have been unlocked. Many other improvements and bug fixes are also announced.

This update is available now from pCloud software on macOS. Note, however, that pCloud did not take advantage of this update to store macFUSEwhich it still uses to integrate its cloud storage service with the macOS Finder, while others (like Dropbox or Google) use Apple’s developer tools.

So, due to Apple’s security policies, manipulations are required to reduce the security of macOS in order to make pCloud work properly. We hope that the Swiss publisher will offer something more integrated soon.

As a reminder, pCloud is a Swiss online storage service with a innovative pricing policy, with “lifetime” storage packages in addition to monthly or annual subscriptions. We regularly share their offers.

Currently, their 500 GB “lifetime” package is €175. For the biggest data consumers, 2 TB is offered at 350 €. A free offer of 10 GB is also offered.

International Day of Families Special Offer

The pCloud service offers a promotion in anticipation of the International Day of Families, which takes place on May 15. On this occasion, they are offering their 2 TB “Family” plan at -75% compared to the basic price, i.e. a single payment of €350 instead of €1,400.

Compared to the classic package, the latter allows the 2 TB space to be shared between a maximum of 5 users (i.e. up to 400 GB per staff). Folders shared between family members are only counted once in the storage space. This offer is therefore interesting for a tribe.

Offer ends May 17, 2022.

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