Payet’s clever response to Di Meco, which does not make him a club legend

Not spared by Eric Di Meco, former defender of OM, last October, Dimitri Payet, far from wanting to argue. In an interview with La Provence, the playmaker partly shared the analysis of his elder, who does not classify him as a club legend.

It was last October, at RMC, the day after Dimitri Payet scored his 100th goal in Ligue 1. In response to a Super Moscato Show listener who elevated the attacking midfielder to the rank of OM legend, the former defender at the Marseille club Eric Di Meco judged that he could not get this status and explained to himself: “Do you know what the history of this 130-year-old club is?” Eric Di Meco asked. “These are guys who scored 194 goals in this shirt (Gunnar Anderson, editor’s note), who scored 44 goals in one season (Josip Skoblar), who won the Ballons d’Or (Jean-Pierre Papin)…”

“I agree with him 100%”

“How can you say about Payet, a player who won nothing in your shirt and who scored half of his goals and assists in Nantes, Saint-Etienne and Lille, that he is a legend of OM?”, the member continued by Dream. Team RMC Sport.

Believe it or not, Dimitri Payet shares Eric Di Meco’s observation. “Where I can join him, and that is part of my goals, is to leave a bigger mark with a trophy at stake. I agree with him 100% on that side,” Payet said in the columns of La Provence. Winner of the Champions League with OM in 1993, Di Meco has some legitimacy to make his opinion known, Payet believes.

In other words, it is not necessarily the case for everyone, although Dimitri Payet swears that he does not necessarily pay attention to everything that is said about him. “It’s not up to me to say if I’m an OM legend, if I’m in the top 10 or in the top 20. It’s up to the people around me to say that, those who know the club. , even fans. “

History will tell. One or even more titles, who knows, would necessarily change the game. Meanwhile, Dimitri Payet’s record remains blank and he needs above all to regain his place in Igor Tudor’s workforce, which does not necessarily count on him at the moment.

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