Pau: the Marzet polyclinic opens a sleep center

Organized around a technical platform within which explorations of sleep and vigilance are carried out, this center is managed by a multidisciplinary team made up of doctors specialized in sleep pathologies and technicians. They also collaborate with professionals from other specialties, such as ENT, neurologists, cardiologists and psychiatrists.

The editorial staff advises you

“The creation of the Pyrenees Sleep Center at the Marzet Polyclinic completes the care offer of our city center establishment, by combining the expertise of practitioners and the network of city medicine to ensure local care on the territory of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques and the south of the Landes”, assures in a press release Lionel Tirefort, the director of the polyclinics of Navarre and Marzet.

This new service will in particular make it possible to take tests such as polysomnography, which consists of a complete study of sleep over one night. This makes it possible to record various parameters such as respiratory activity, movements or even the various sleep cycles. A ventilatory polygraphy is also offered to patients. This is an examination that is carried out in case of strong suspicion of sleep apnea syndrome.

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