Patent: Apple is working on a hybrid keyboard to transform the iPad into a touchscreen Mac

If there is one piece of data to measure a company’s ability to innovate, it is the patents filed and validated and, in this area, Apple wants to be particularly prolific. Today, there is talk of a patent for a keyboard equipped with a trackpad for the iPad.

Answering the sweet name hinged keyboard accessory assembly having multiple installation modes for a tablet computing devicethis text lists many possibilities to pair the two devices. Among the other alternatives listed, there is also a hybrid product combining a Mac mini / Magic Keyboard, on which you can attach an iPad or a screen.

We will still stay on the main one, namely a Magic Keyboard with trackpad. When combined, we get which resembles – closely and from a distance – a tactile Mac, with an Apple Pencil (even if it should not be said).

As a reminder, Cupertino recently also filed a patent to recycle the area above the keyboard in which it could house the Apple Pencil. For this, she wants to find a more natural movement than the Touch Bar, without looking away from the screen to find the pencil and without having to look at the keys whose functions change in relation to the applications.

Patent: Apple is working on a hybrid keyboard to turn the iPad into a touchscreen Mac

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