Paris: canteens will serve two vegetarian meals a week from 2023

By Graziella L. Photos by Rizhlaine F. Posted Jun 4, 2022 11:59 AM

As more and more vegetarian restaurants are opening in Paris, school and municipal canteens are also starting to reduce meat on children’s menus, with two vegetarian meals planned per week by 2023.

the vegetarian and vegan are more than a trend, many French and Parisians have made it a way of life. Restaurants and cafés are following suit and are opening in large numbers in Paris, as demand is growing. And from 2023children will also be able to benefit from vegetarian meals during their lunch break, in the school canteens. This is the decision of elected officials at the last Paris Council, which involves the establishment of two vegetarian meals per week from next year.

The City of Paris has shown its desire to reduce the place of meat in its municipal canteens, and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. According to Sustainable diet planadopted unanimously, a vegetarian alternative should also be generalized for the other days of the week, by 2025, to display a 100% sustainable and organic food by 2027.

Audrey Pulvarfood assistant, also believes that these vegetarian meals will allow other meat meals to benefit “ofFrench meat of even better quality“, with of the “foodstuffs from organic farming and labeled“. Short circuits will be privileged, with an objective of “50% of the food served produced locally within 250 kilometers” as well as “zero palm oil, zero nitrites and zero GMOs“.

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