War in Ukraine shakes food security

After global warming and the covid crisis, the conflict triggered by Russia is shaking the international food market. With consequences that could be disastrous for the most fragile countries. Article reserved for subscribers Journalist at the World Service By Véronique Kiesel Published on 03/23/2022 at 18:00 Reading time: 1 min Ihe Russian-led war is not … Read more

Monaco corrects Olympiakos and stays in the top 8 of the Euroleague

The European week in Monaco had started badly. On Tuesday, the Euroleague decided to erase all the results obtained against the Russian clubs, thus striking out four victories for the Roca Team, sent from fifth to eighth place. But the Monegasques still have their destiny in their hands to qualify for the play-offs, even more … Read more

Unusual: the Cracra, the first “terroir” cocktail bar in Paris!

Dirty alert! In Paris, attached to its land, the team Pedzouille unveils its 100% French restaurants. Her values ​​? Authenticity, audacity and friendliness. In the 2nd, 10th and 15th arrondissements, Pedzouille invites you into the heart of its urban inns, called l’Étable, la Bassecour and la Grange respectively. Unusual: a local cocktail bar is hidden … Read more

Google strips down the Play Store to dress up Google TV

Ten years ago almost to the day, Google brought together what was then called the Android Market, Google Music and Google Books under a single banner, that of Google Play. Since then, there are applications and games for Android in the store, but also books, films and TV series. The search engine now intends to … Read more

Apple introduced ‘Pregnant Man’ emoji to be trans-inclusive, but some users are angry – Reuters

The highly anticipated iOS 15.4 updates rolled out last week, and they included some exciting additions, which became the talk of the internet. Apple introduced new emojis such as Melting Face, Saluting Face, Heart Hands and Beans to iPhone and iPad users. In total, the latest update added 123 new emoji designs to the emoji … Read more

The first European Teslas will (finally) be delivered

In an email sent internally, the American brand confirmed that the first Model Ys from its Gigafactory in Berlin would be delivered in March to the Old Continent. Located in Grünheide, on the outskirts of Berlin, Tesla’s first European Gigafactory gave birth with difficulty. Plagued by numerous administrative constraints and then production problems on the … Read more